I would like to start by making three simple points about how the Atlanta shootings can (and should) be translated to the context of Hong Kong. I will follow by sharing thoughts on why feminist solidarity is the main lens through which I view the topic.

To explain something about how I am entering into this conversation, while I am Taiwanese American and identify as Asian American, much of my life has been spent in East Asia. …

Transnational solidarity, the classroom, and how we are connected.

(Published on March 23, 2021; links last updated on March 25, 2021.)

In a class called “Decolonizing Gender” at the University of Hong Kong, I teach readings based on an anti-imperialist/anti-racist, queer transnational feminist framework. The class includes topics such as Third World feminisms, tensions between Hong Kong & mainland Chinese women, Japanese and Korean feminisms, and problems of Western models of LGBTQ identity in Asia. As Hong Kong struggles with sweeping changes across society, I push students to look for feminist/queer solidarity and speak about the importance of empathy between marginalized groups.

This week, I revised my lecture on…

Grace Ting

Assistant Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Hong Kong. Japan, literature, queerness, transnational feminisms.

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